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Универсальный ключ для домофона, шлагбаума # ДУБЛИКАТ (копию с ВАШЕГО) домофонного ключа временно НЕ делаем, только универсальные и пульты! Обновление 20.07.2019
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Universal key for the on-door speakerphone, домофонный the master a key the cross-country vehicle, manufacturing домофонных keys

New spare and universal keys from all on-door speakerphones, barriers ("keys cross-country vehicles", "the master keys"). The maximum percent of opening. The price from 33 грн! Any convenient form of payment and delivery (the CIS and Baltic country, near and far abroad). Only at us universal keys for new on-door speakerphones the Metaclod (Metakom), Tsifral (CYFRAL), a new universal code for the on-door speakerphone Visit (VIZIT) and many other things, contact and contactless with keys of a proxy charms, a universal key for on-door speakerphones with the two-contact input reader (Tsifral and the Golden eagle).

The principle of work universal домофонных keys of cross-country vehicles doesn't depend neither on a city, nor from the country, from домофонной firms which established and serves on-door speakerphones.

There are in life such cases when it is necessary to get to an entrance to which there is no access. And it isn't important what for – want to come to get warm in the cold winter, can simply surprise friends, or can want to disappear from a few strange stranger. And can you be engaged in direkt-marketing, or extend advertizing in mail boxes. Variants can be absolutely different. And so here and a small problem. It is the on-door speakerphone. Now on-door speakerphones are extended everywhere, in the big both small cities and many settlements practically doesn't remain any entrance without the on-door speakerphone, and soon on-door speakerphones will stand everywhere.

The main task for the on-door speakerphone – just and not to start up who doesn't have key. But after all from all doors of keys you will not make in any way. How to open the on-door speakerphone? Here also steps on the stage a universal key for the on-door speakerphone which will help to open doors. Certainly not a breakage which perhaps will open all doors, but enough big percent of on-door speakerphones the universal key all the same opens it. After all there are many models of the on-door speakerphones, different manufacturers (and even self-made) so universal key for them to pick up not simply. The key the cross-country vehicle is a same universal key for on-door speakerphones. And almost everyone has the домофонный a key (and at times even not one), but after all it opens only one on-door speakerphone, the, and much should come into the different entrances closed by a door with the on-door speakerphone and to carry with themselves the whole sheaf домофонных keys, for example so frequently occurs at postmen or couriers.

No breaking of the on-door speakerphone is necessary! In universal домофонные keys cross-country vehicles the certain information which is read out by the on-door speakerphone in a regular mode is put. Then the on-door speakerphone verifies the given information of a key with the which already is in memory of the controler or in an insertion of the operating processor of the on-door speakerphone, it coincides also a door opens. We will admit at you there are some keys from the on-door speakerphone (the house, the parents familiar), sometimes them on a sheaf gathers so many that and to carry them inconveniently enough. Here in this case such adaptation can very even help you. It is not necessary to carry more with itself 3,4,5 keys … one key from all doors! And problems any to you! But manufacturers of on-door speakerphones too don't doze. Improve the technologies. So also work over universal домофонными keys cross-country vehicles proceeds constantly.

It is original breaking of the on-door speakerphone, but without physical consequences. And especially it is not necessary to sweat. Has simply put a key – openly.

Universal домофонные keys are irreplaceable! The universal key is a feeling of your confidence and independence.

The universal key for the on-door speakerphone happens several types. It both a key a tablet, and two-contact, and new radio брелки a proxy. For each type of on-door speakerphones it is necessary to have a separate universal key. So only ключем it will be difficult to one to open all on-door speakerphones in big cities.

The universal key for the on-door speakerphone works just as also usual. With that only разницой that the usual opens only one on-door speakerphone. A universal key — hundreds and even thousand, main to have the good complete set of keys. So so. Though also universal, and nevertheless unique will be not enough for the on-door speakerphone. We after all want the maximum opening? So for all on-door speakerphones it is necessary to have the maximum complete set (7 different universal keys from all on-door speakerphones: 4 tablets, 2 radio labels and two-contact, all for 539 грн, for inhabitants of Kiev 499 грн and the special price for Kharkov 333 грн for a set from 5 keys), in it are different keys and for new on-door speakerphones from a proxy брелками radio labels, and for usual that with keys-tablets work and also for the two-contact. So for the on-door speakerphone we to you will pick up a universal key personally, for peak efficiency and the minimum expenses. Universal keys cross-country vehicles — the most effective, independent, absolutely lawful and inexpensive way of maintenance of an easy approach without superfluous restrictions, especially for those for whom it is necessary by the nature of the professional work.

Universal домофонные keys cross-country vehicles are necessary:

To ambulance surgeons, local;
To advertizing and direkt-marketing agencies;
To the organizations of a field direction in election campaigns, a network of propagandists and mobile brigades;
To services of express delivery;
To the sociological and marketing services, carrying out doortodoor polls of the population;
To real estate agencies;
To distributors of advertizing;
To postmen;
To assemblers;
Working housing and communal services;
To spamers;
To police officers, the Ministry of Emergency Measures;

And many other things …

Even, if you don't have on-door speakerphone, always:

+ it is possible to get warm;
+ to feel the independence, after all nobody needs to ask to be opened;
+ it is always pleasant to surprise people to whom you go on a visit;
+ simply to save some minutes of expectation which for life develop in a year.

Besides, any universal keys an exclusive and inexpensive gift!

Special offers, universal key for the on-door speakerphone almost at the price of the usual!
• to 3 шт any universal домофонных keys of cross-country vehicles = 88 грн
• from 3 шт any universal домофонных keys of cross-country vehicles = 77 грн
• from 8 шт any universal домофонных keys of cross-country vehicles = 66 грн
• from 20 шт any universal домофонных keys of cross-country vehicles = 55 грн

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